MyEclipse 8.6.1 Enterprise Workbench 发行说明


MyEclipse 8.6.1 Enterprise Workbench
Release Notes November 17, 2010

1.What's New in MyEclipse 8.6.1 - A Quick Flyover
2.Additional Enhancement / Fix Details for 8.6.1
3.Getting Help
4.Known Issues
5.Discontinued Features
6.License and OSS Information

1. What's New in MyEclipse 8.6.1 - A Quick Flyover
MyEclipse 8.6.1 is the next generation of the MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench IDE for enterprise Java and web developers. This release of MyEclipse focuses heavily on enabling Team Collaboration between MyEclipse developers as well as centralizing software management of the entire workbench in a single cohesive MyEclipse Configuration Center.

Built on the Eclipse 3.5.2 (Galileo) and Genuitec Pulse Eclipse Management and Runtime Services platforms, MyEclipse 8.6.1 provides hundreds of new and improved code development, testing and deployment features.

Following are highlights of key new and improved features. For a more complete list of all MyEclipse 8.6.1 features and screenshots see the New and Noteworthy.

New JavaScript Editor

8.6.1 introduces a brand new JavaScript editor which has the following advantages over the editor used in previous MyEclipse releases:

•Better support for JavaScript in HTML
•Smarter and faster content assist with better analysis of JavaScript and project structure
•Superior validation
•Support for popular third party frameworks like jQuery, prototype, Dojo and YUI

Struts 2 Graphical Editor

•Use the Struts 2 graphical editor to create or edit packages, actions and action results graphically, making it easy to visualize complex Struts 2 configuration files. XML code is generated simultaneously for all graphical elements created
•Better undo/redo suport
•Struts 2 specific validation for Struts 2 configuration files

MyEclipse Configuration Center

•Install/Uninstall all MyEclipse modules easily
•Quick-Search for most popular Eclipse addons and add them with a checkbox

•View, Edit and Apply all available workbench software updates (custom update sites supported!)

•Easily configure and share MyEclipse workbench configurations with team members
•Review and Apply workbench configuration changes from users with permissions to make them to shared configurations
•Persist workbench preferences out to a team with the shared configuration
•Share workbench configurations with individuals or teams of people you can configure (permissions too!)
•Share a MyEclipse group subscription with other members in your team
New Server Connectors

•Glassfish 3
•JBoss 6
•Resin 4
•Jetty 7
•JOnAS 5
•SpringSource tc Server
•Java System Web Server 7
•Tomcat 7

Framework Support

Support for the following frameworks has been added:

•Spring 3.0
•Hibernate 3.3
•Spring Security 2.0
•Spring Security 3.0
Screen Capture Support

Screen capture support previously available only for Windows XP, is now also available for Windows Vista and Windows 7.


•Forward (UML > Java) engineering was improved
•Sequence Diagram generation support was improved
JavaServer Faces, Facelets, ICEfaces

•JSF / Facelets content-assist improved - performance improvement and better support for page-scoped variables
•Facelets CTRL+Click navigation added

•ICEfaces palette improvements
•faces-config.xml validation improved to catch more error cases and not catch invalid errors

To learn more about the many MyEclipse features browse the MyEclipse Learning Center.


2. Recent Enhancements and Fixes
Additional details for enhancements and bug fixes for MyEclipse 8.6.1 are identified in the following summary.

NOTE: Not all enhancements and fixes that went into MyEclipse are listed below. We try and cull the list down to ones that were reported in the forums to help visibility of fixes for effected customers. Internally we track 100s of fixes against any given release.

Work Completed in MyEclipse 8.6.1

12459 [AppServers] Handler conflict warning when opening Servers view the first time

13096 NPE on creating Launch Configuration for WebLogic 9 See link for details
13727 Configure Server Connector action disabled for Custom launch Servers

13955 Not able to access the app thats deployed to Jetty6 application server for the first time

14107 GlassFish V3 Final preference page is not validating the preferences properly

14109 SunJavaSystemWebServer7 preference page is not validating the preferences properly

14195 No Debugging support for Sun Java System Webserver

14379 Custom Launchconfiguration server not displaying message after shutdown

14396 [ApplicationServer] Suggestion to warn user to specify 'Deployment directory' only when the launch confg is Added as server

14403 [LaunchConfig] Custom launch servers wouldnt start (run or debug) if started from its corresponding confg dialogs

14441 [LaunchConfig] Cannot create custom launch configurations for WebSphere server

14483 [AppServers]Sun JavaSystemWebserver7 is not restarting properly

14487 [Appservers] Copy/paste of a deployement location in the 'Deployement base dir' triggers an NPE.

14536 [LaunchConfigs] Extra characters are showing up in Launch Configs dialog

14616 Deployment locations are not wrapping at launch configurations servers tab

14676 No console log for Sun Java System Web Server when deploying project See link for details
14991 MyEclipse 8.5 Server Run Configuration Problem See link for details
15112 No support for Tomcat 7.0 See link for details
15257 MyEclipse 8.5 Overwrites Jetty context files See link for details
15329 [Sun Web Server] Configuration Directory has incorrect path when path contains '.'

14407 [XHTML]Creating XHTML file with JSF template logs exceptions

14439 [Core] Incorrect layout on the "Launch" preference pages of all application servers

14482 [Core] DLTK related NPE when opening and closing project from Package explorer.

14635 [Core] Keys preference page is missing NLS key values

15237 MyEclipse/Blue - 8.0/8.5: can't get the prompt for workspace on startup

3670 [CSS] No Wizard for creating CSS Files

10732 CSS formater bug See link for details
14571 CSS editor - Style class is empty See link for details
14481 [Dashboard] 8.5 software modules not being uninstalled immediately

1985 [Deploy] No way to custom name deployment archive See link for details
15141 EAR exploded deployment fails with NPE See link for details
12698 [Documentation] Managing MyEclipse Updates & Plugins with the Dashboard section still empty

3434 user want choice column for id generation if Pk doesn't exists (views, synonyms) See link for details
14189 [Hibernate] In a Hib3.3-Spring project, an ASFB bean cannot be selected in prop page

14424 [Hibernate] NPE logged when invoking MyEclipse-> Open HQL Editor or Criteria Editor

14473 [Hibernate]NPE while invoking content assist in hibernate.cfg.xml file

15218 DAO Session Factory Not Selected See link for details
14778 [I18N] Plugins are not internationalized

14417 [IE-Debugger] Unable to start IE debugging.

14605 [IE-Debugger] No Nag displayed when using IE Debugger using STD License

14703 [IE-Debugger] NPE when switching to URL radio on IE Debug launch configuration

14177 Installs fail on Mac if drive is set to case-sensitive See link for details
14254 Spaces in default profile install path

3071 JavaScript outline doesn't recognize objects

3220 [JSEditor] Reconciler user permanent resource markers for warnings,errors

3389 var image = new Image(); gives warning

3412 [Javascript] Editor detects filesystem changes only on save

3517 Formatting JavaScript file replaced Chinese chars with escape sequences See link for details
3535 [JavaScript] Our formatter does a sort of unexpected source cleanup

3763 [JSEditor] Local js vars aren't included in code completion

3905 JavaScript formatter cannot format file, gives brace error

4061 JS pref: "++ and -- considered harmful" doesn't take effect until after rebuild

4062 Missing variable warnings are on incorrect line.

4064 JS Editor/Outline does not understand "const" entries

4066 JS Outline displays local variables as fields and ignores fields

4220 [JS Formatter] Error formatting Javascript with CVS $Id$ in a comment See link for details
4374 [JS Debugger] F3 from editor opened on remote sources causes NPE dialog

4423 [Javascript] Editor does not fully respect the read only flag

4425 [JS Debugger] "Instant On" toolbar button enablement quirks

6142 HTML Editor not detecting file changes

15139 Add yui built-in library

13132 Add JSF 1.2 attributes to facelet editor

14570 OSS sources missing from distro

13873 [Maven] Error creating New Maven Module Project

13985 [Maven] Exception when enabling Maven Support for a web project

13987 [Maven] Exception when creating maven web project after cleaning local repository

14009 [Maven] Series of exceptions when "Download Sources" and "Download JavaDoc" actions are invoked

14011 [Maven] Warn user appropriately when a project already contains pom.xml and then Convert to maven mgmt is invoked

14026 [Maven] Info level exception when Convert maven mgmt is invoked when Maven support is not available

14181 [Maven] Maven process-resources is copying unfiltered resources See link for details
15221 [Maven] Cleaning repository and creating a maven project results in editor failure upon workbench restart

14566 [Portlets]Layout of portlets caps wizard is messed up

14038 [Spring][Maven] Error in maven enabled Spring 3.0 project

14152 [Spring3] Unable to locate easymock and testng libraries in mavenized Spring 3 project

14191 [Spring] Spring version reset to 1.2 after adding a config file using property page

14316 [Spring]NewSpring Bean definition file wizard fails with NPE

14906 [Spring-Security]Add Spring LDAP Lib to the security container

467 Add wizard to create JSP from existing Form-Bean

778 Allow custom suffixes for struts mappings See link for details
779 Minor focus issue when deleting items from outline view See link for details
1167 FormBean "Edit Form" Dialog should allow refactoring existing Types

1840 Add Grid mode to Struts config editor

3799 [Struts] Line 1 of struts-config.xml file is not highlighted on open

14727 [Struts2] Parameters added from the New Action result wizard doesnt get added to the action.

14928 [Struts1] XML file shows an error for new action elements.

15016 [Struts2] Cannot Delete S2 elements from the Flow tab using Keyboard DEL key.

13248 [Struts2] No graphical editor for configuration files

14164 [Struts 2] Configuration file connectivity not taken into account when building model

14525 [Struts2] Nested Includes possible in the Graphical Editor.

14529 [Struts2] "User Libraries" are not listed by the Struts Capabilities wizard when adding Struts2 capbilities

15002 [Struts2] Auto-Layout not working in Struts 2 flow editor.

15068 [Struts2] Filter out already included config files from the 'Incude' dialog

15280 [Struts2] Validations related to Package and action

15294 [Struts 2] No reset routing action

14572 [Struts2] Provide a unified stack for both(Flow, Source) editors

14617 [Struts2] No validations on the Source tab of the config file editor

15858 [Struts2] Menubar Edit > Delete action does not delete Flow tab elements with children inside them

16079 [Strut2] Changes are not reflected immediately when Edit actions are performed.

16081 [Struts2] NPE when trying to add actions when duplicate pkgs exists.

16104 [Struts2] Result type set to when edit action result is performed from Flow editor.

16117 [Struts2] Sometimes creating an empty pkg in source creates an extends r'ship in flow.

16137 [Struts2] Exceptions when trying to edit result with types = chain/redirection

16141 Error while creating Action with Class which is already exists

16257 [Struts2] Wrong error msg in source editor after adding pkgs in flow editor.

15668 [Struts2] Enable validations in the Struts 2 configuration file

15669 [Struts2] Automatic connection routing support for Struts 2 editor

15694 [Struts2] Package size change on Incremental layout

15706 [Struts2]Handling change in location of elements in the Source editor

15731 [Struts2] NPE when deleting or changing bendpoints of connections

15738 [Struts2] Dragging an extends connections results in mulitple exceptions.

15789 [Struts2] Validator reports empty action results as errors

15798 [Struts2] Flow editor is marked dirty even when no changes are made on the source tab

15801 [Struts2] Location field in the wizard takes in to account white spaces in the source tab

15857 [Struts2] Undoing a delete on a container element does not add the child elements of the container back

15869 [Struts2] Validation errors reported in Problems View disappear on save

15885 [Struts2] Hover details on an action do not change immediately upon its pkg edit.

15908 [Struts2] Source tab is not updated when connections are deleted in flow editor.

14282 [UML2]Handling of arrays in UML2 Reverse Engineering See link for details
14283 [UML1]Variable initialization value is not generated See link for details
14323 [UML] Generate sequence diagram output limited to current project only

14408 [UML2-DND]Class Relations between packages are not generated on DND

14591 [UML2] Typo on the java "Code Generation" dialog

14632 [UML2]Error while opening imported EMX file

14668 [DND-Outline]Generate parent hierarchy for the dropped object

5463 [WD3] Missing closing tag is detected only after the opening tag is touched

6670 [WD3] Designer split orientation cannot be changed

14686 [Web] NPE logged several times when working on the design pane of HTML editor

15077 [VPD] NPEs logged when deleting lines from a JSP using BACKSPACE key

14297 [JAX-RS] Update Jersey libraries to See link for details
14446 [HTML-Editor] Incorrect syntax errors in HTML editor.

14652 EAR deploys with multiple nested lib folders See link for details
14667 [HTML]Opening a HTML file logs exceptions

14702 [HTML] Workbench hang at times when opening html files.

15242 ClassCast exception of html attribute edit

798 Add CTRL+Click feature on all 'type' attributes to open the Java file. See link for details
4198 struts-config.xml source editor does not honor editor background setting See link for details
12178 [XML] Wrong schema being referenced during parsing

12240 Several editor preference pages not visible in MyEclipse

16062 Cannot start GF V3 server when install path has spaces

16029 [Core][Linux] Platform browser compatibility warning when opening JSP files even after starting MyEclipse in experimental mode

16269 NPE during workspace start in "Updating Installed JREs..." See link for details
16041 OOM errors when deploying large EARs

16036 JavaScript font color preferences not respected See link for details
16072 [JS] Some HTML files marked with errors if JS nature not present

16063 [VVM][Linux][Mac] Profiler launches but profiling does not start for MyEclipse Server and Eclipse applications

16176 Possible deadlock during SpringHibernate plugin startup

16159 [WS] Deadlock during WS framework startup


3. Getting Help
MyEclipse provides the following free technical support resources:

•MyEclipse FAQs

•MyEclipse Educational Material (Tutorials, Demos, etc.)

•MyEclipse Support Forums

Commercial support options are also available from Genuitec.


4. Known Issues
Windows Vista Support
•Visual Jsp/HTML Designer/Design View, in some situations, may require scrolling before becoming fully visible.

Linux Support
•GTK 2.18
On Linux systems using GTK 2.18, you may experience issues selecting buttons and menu items, caused by an incompatibility between SWT and this version of GTK. Please see this Eclipse bug for more details.

•Ubuntu 8.10+ not fully supported
MyEclipse 8.6.1 and all earlier versions are unstable on some Ubuntu 8.10 and later systems (we've had users tell us there was no problem in their Ubuntu 9.04 installs). The root of the issue stems from a binary incompatibility between XUL Runner that is bundled in MyEclipse and XUL Runner that is bundled with the OS install. Learn more...

•Linux Internal Web Browser Stability
The Visual HTML Designer on Linux has exhibited rare stability problems on some systems. Until this matter is resolved the WYSIWYG design mode has been restricted to a source-only mode of operation. You can reenable the WYSIYWG design mode for experimental use by including the commandline flag: -Dlinux.experimental=true

•Linux Internal Web Browser Compatibility
The Visual HTML Designer and AJAX tools on linux can sometimes have an incompatibility with the Eclipse internal web browser. Please read this document for more information.

•Flash plugin unavailable in AJAX Browser
When loading a webpage that contains a flash plugin, you will be prompted to download a plugin. You must press cancel to continue to use the browser as normal. Also you will need to resize the window once to fix the blank page because of a painting problem. As a result the MyEclipse AJAX tutorial does not property function in the browser.

•Icons for menu items on Ubuntu - Karmic koala
The icons for menu items are not displayed in the latest Ubuntu release(Karmic Koala) because of an issue with the underlying GTK libraries that broke SWT. Click here to see the list of GWT issues on Ubuntu-Karmic Koala that are tracked by
Mac OS X Support

•Visual Designers
The MyEclipse Visual Designers on Mac have exhibited stability problems on some systems. Until this matter is resolved the WYSIWYG design mode has been restricted to a source-only mode of operation. You can reenable the WYSIYWG design mode for experimental use by including the commandline flag: -Dmac.experimental=true

Web Services
•WS-Security is not supported.

•Generation of JAX-WS web services with multiple ports is not supported. The current policy is to recognize the first port defined in the WSDL.


•The Form Editor rendering of modified custom sub-forms and Java beans is not automatically updated. You must close and reopen the Form Editor for the rendering to be updated and correctly rendered.

Visual JSP/HTML Designer
•IE preview won't resolve relative path if the file path has characters not supported by the OS locale

•Previewing HTML with Applet fails with Java 6 JRE

•Shift + Home / Shift + End keys do not work in the Design mode
To workaround this:

1.Open the Keys preference page (Window > Preferences > General > Keys)
2.Search for the key that is bound to "Shift + Home"; select it and click Remove Binding
3.Search for the key that is bound to "Shift + End"; select it and click Remove Binding
4.Click OK to apply changes
AJAX Tools

•Remote scripts loaded from Scripts view that are generated by a Servlet that contains breakpoints, will cause Remote Script to be blank when loaded in editor.

•Visual JSP/HTML Designer-Design View can't be made editable when a JavaScript debugging thread is paused at a breakpoint which is loaded form a http:// based URL.

•The AJAX Web Browser will disabled to all user input when the JavaScript debugger attached to that browser is stopped at a JavaScript Breakpoint. To reenable user-input the JavaScript debug thread will have to be resumed.

Hibernate Tools for MyEclipse

•It is possible to use a Hibernate 3.3 DTD that can result in an error on a Hibernate upgrade. To resolve the ambiguity MyEclipse chose to use the Hibernate 3.3 DTDs by default in the Hibernate editors.

•Locale specification must include country code When explicitly launching MyEclipse with the "-nl " commandline arguments the locale must include country code, e.g., -nl en_EN or -nl ja_JP. Failure to include the locale country code will result in an error when the HQL Editor is launched.

MyEclipse CSS Editor
•If code folding is enable and the properties view is open, typing in the CSS editor can be very slow. See Eclipse Bug#158877

MyEclipse JPA Tools
•Database VIEWs can not be accessed from the JPA Project>MyEclipse>Generate Entities... ctx-menu action. Instead navigate to the view(s) from the DB Browser and select the Reverse Engineer JPA action

MyEclipse ScreenCapture PRO
•The ScreenCapture PRO facility is only available on Windows only.

MyEclipse Reports
•JNDI data source support will not work for MyEclipse Reports projects created prior to MyEclipse 7.5. Please see this technical note for details on how your project can be upgraded to enable JNDI support.


5. Discontinued Features
Notice of Discontinuation of XFire Web Services Framework and Tools
Genuitec, LLC announces that MyEclipse runtime and developer tool support for the XFire web services framework have been discontinued. Genuitec will phase out this plugin beginning with the MyEclipse 7.0 release and reach complete discontinuation with the introduction of MyEclipse 8 on October 1, 2009. Read the announcement

Notice of Discontinuation of Spindle Tapestry Framework and Tools

Genuitec, LLC announces that MyEclipse runtime and developer tool support for the Spindle Tapestry plugin have been discontinued. Genuitec will phase out this plugin beginning with the MyEclipse 7.0 release and reaching complete discontinuation with the introduction of MyEclipse 8 on October 1, 2009.


6. License and OSS Information
MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 8.6.1 is a product of Genuitec, LLC and released under the Genuitec End User License (GEULA). This product includes open source modules. To view a list of the open source modules and their individual licenses see com.genuitec.myeclipse.product/LICENSE directory. Click this link to access the public open source code used in MyEclipse.


© Copyright 2000-2010. Genuitec, LLC